Friday Five by Amber Quist of Silvercar

To celebrate Women’s History Month, every Friday in March we’ll be featuring women in the design world in our Friday Five column.

If you’ve researched renting a car within the last few years, Silvercar might have popped up on your radar. The Audi-owned, app-based rental car startup takes the hassle out of renting a car by hooking you up with a luxury Audi in 19 different locations around the United States. Amber Quist is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Austin, Texas based company, which launched in 2012. The University of Texas at Austin alum earned a B.A. in Marketing and a Masters in Advertising before landing roles at car2go and Spredfast where she led results-driven campaigns, like the car2go Mercedes initiative, with her fierce marketing skills. In this Friday Five, the frequent traveler shares more about her life, her must-haves, and life-changing experiences.

Travel-related items:

1. AWAY The Bigger Carry-On \\\ A colleague was obsessed with this suitcase. I became envious enough after traveling with her that I invested in one too. I’m passionate about brands that simplify the complexities in life. After just a few trips with my new beauty, I get what all the hype is about – the colors are neutral, but unique; the built-in battery allows me to never have to worry about my phone running out of juice; and I’ve been able to fit a clown car’s worth of stuff in my carry-on while still feeling chic.

Cool Apps/Life Hacks:

2. Rent the Runway Unlimited \\\ Time is limited for everyone these days. As a working mom and a wife of a husband who is constantly on the road, time to shop in a store for myself is obsolete. Enter…Rent the Runway Unlimited. This subscription service has allowed me to appear way more together than I actually am. It has also satisfied my guilty pleasures of online shopping without having to find more space in my closet. I love feeling like I have access to clothes for any occasion and don’t have to feel stressed to find something appropriate for a special event, board meeting, or vacation. Also, their customer service is top notch!

Family-related items:

3. Traveling with my kids \\\ Sounds crazy, I know. But, I love traveling and exposing our children to different cultures is something important to me and my husband. We try to take advantage of opportunities when they are in front of us and not let the fear of how hard it will be hold us back from creating memories. This summer we took a trip to Spain where my husband ended a tour and my mother in-law was completing her solo pilgrimage – the El Camino de Santiago. In a moment of insanity, I booked a flight with my kids and my parents to meet them in Barcelona. While I was really looking forward to it, I knew it could also be a recipe for disaster. Sometimes we had to throw out plans because someone needed a nap or an ice cream, but we experienced and saw Spain in a different and new way. I think a lot of parents are afraid to take their young kids on long trips. It’s daunting, but my advice to them, just do it.

Personal things I can’t live without:

4. Lucchese Custom Made Boots \\\ When I get laid in the ground, I hope I’m wearing my Lucchese boots. I’m from Texas, so naturally I grew up riding my horse to school. That’s a joke, but I do own (let’s just say) a few pairs of boots. My favorites: my beat up Classic 1883 Mad Dog Lucchese’s that I promise are as comfortable as my running shoes.

5. My grandfather’s 1952 Telecaster \\\ Some might say the holy grail of electric guitars. My grandmother bought this guitar brand new for my grandfather who taught guitar lessons in the 1950’s. Many years later, after she passed away, the guitar was stolen from my grandfather and sold to a collector. After a long series of events, the guitar was found and returned. In the 90’s, with no real guitar players in the family, my grandfather decided to sell the guitar back to the collector. Fast forward to 2012, my husband and I tracked the guitar down, discovered it wasn’t for sale, but wrote our name and number on a piece of paper and left it in the case with the owner. A year later, we received a call that the guitar was going to be sold at a guitar show and we had four days to buy it. I didn’t feel right about losing the family heirloom, so we scrambled everything we had together at the time to keep the guitar in the family.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.