Preparing for the Party Season

Because it is suddenly cold here in London, I started thinking about the festive season that is racing toward us. Outdoor spaces will soon start playing their part in the festivities. Each year they come alive with vibrant decor and illuminations. Sadly, it has to be said these happy and joyful designs are known to veer on the tacky side. Therefore, it is more than good news to see the more design-focused brands looking at this high value market and bringing new options for the more design conscious.

Bloom in the Netherlands were one of the pioneers of the illuminated pot trend a decade ago. Over the years they have developed super mini and maxi planters in a huge variety of colors. This year they have added a special edition of their well-known illuminated flowerpot called the X-MAS pot. The best news of all is that the design is quite reasonably priced at 220€.

The pot is 50 cm high with a diameter at the top of 55 cm. It is available in red and white. Made from polyethylene, it’s waterproof so that you can also use it both indoors and outdoors. The X-MAS pot comes with an easy fixing mechanism to fasten your Christmas tree securely in the pot.

I do hope they make it in XXXXL very soon as it would make a great feature in itself!