Danish Color, American Sound: HAY for Sonos One Limited Collection

11.05.18 | By
Danish Color, American Sound: HAY for Sonos One Limited Collection

When Sonos and HAY originally announced their partnership back in April at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the question wasn’t whether the audio company would bring some of the colorful palette designed by Danish design brand to fruition, but whether all five would really make launch. Today, Sonos announced the entire range will indeed include the entire spectrum previewed: Forest Green, Pale Yellow, Soft Pink, Light Grey and Vibrant Red, – five new options joining the audio company’s existing monochromatic options.

At HAY, no two products are the same. I believe each object has its own set of colors: a chair, a toothbrush, or a piece of porcelain can’t have the same colors, yet they can still complement each other. For the Sonos range, we were inspired by our daily home life. We wanted to create colors that were for everyone.

– Mette Hay, Co-founder HAY

Originally Sonos planned to launch with only three of the five colors: Forest Green, Pale Yellow, and Vibrant Red, the most distinct of the HAY palette. But thankfully Light Grey and Pink, the two subtle options, were also invited to complete the spectrum, offering color lovers looking to complement the rest of their home decor with wireless audio engineered to color the home in plug and play audio. Those wondering about a blue option might want to hunt down this jazzy rarity.

“The yellow relates to kitchens and bathrooms that are often kept light and complemented with stainless steel and porcelain.”

“The green hues are meant to remind viewers of pots or plants sitting by windows.”

“The light grey is for everyone. It was important to find the right shade—one that suits both workspaces, homes, and different looks with its neutral tone.”

“Pink is the color we feel closely connected to in fashion – we feel that all things pink create a special desire right now.”

“The iconic red was the final color I chose for the collection, as it creates such an important accent with regards to furniture.”

Priced at USD $229, the HAY Sonos One is available starting from Nov. 5, 2018 on, at the Sonos flagship in NYC, in North America and select retailers worldwide.

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