Heartbreaker Sofa by Johannes Torpe

Heartbreaker Sofa is a minimalist sofa collection created by Copehagen-based designer Johannes Torpe for Moroso. The stylistic hallmark of the sofa lies in the design of the armrests, which are each half a heart, and combine to form a full heart when sofas are placed side by side.

Another distinguishing feature of the sofa includes the metal base, which comes in a variety of finishes, and serves to elevate and lighten the sofa’s substantial volume. In addition, the sofa allows for extreme customization, offering a wide variety of fabrics and finishes.

In regards to what inspired the design, Thorpe states, “An old saying goes, the greatest love songs are written by songwriters with broken hearts – that was also the case when I designed the Heartbreaker sofa system. It may seem like a cliché, but it was in the scribbles during sleepless nights that this almost obvious shape took form, helping me to express my emotions through drawing.”


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