Home for the Arts by i29 interior architects

Home for the Arts is a minimal house located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, designed by i29 interior architects. Situated within a former industrial area, the building was developed allowing residents the freedom to co-design their own interiors.

The open loft was not constrained to a prefixed layout, allowing the designers to create a completely custom interior for the clients – a writer and art collector couple. At the core of the project is the manner in which the artwork would be displayed, and became the starting point of the project.

The designers created bespoke cabinets with custom integrated glass vitrines to display the art pieces. The double height space allowed for a loft containing two bedrooms, an office and a bathroom. As described by i29, “The high-rise cabinets visually connect the two floor levels and includes an integrated staircase.”

Photos by Ewout Huibers.

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