Index WIDE: Felt Wall Coverings by Submaterial

New Mexico-based Submaterial has added to their Index collection of wool felt and cork wall coverings with their latest called Index WIDE. Index WIDE lets you create some seriously bold wall installations even faster and easier than before. The series is fully customizable with over 60 colors you can choose from to make your own linear wall design.


The height variations of the stripes makes for really beautiful sculptural designs that are a great option for bare walls. You can choose from one of 26 monochrome colors or you can make up your own color story with the previously mentioned 60 colors they offer.


I love the unique textural quality that these can add to your wall. I’m a sucker for stripes and add the tactile element to them and I’m sold.


Wool felt is attached to composite cork backing in large 12″ x 36″ panels that are applied directly to the wall using heavy duty wall covering adhesive.


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