JDWA Transforms an Empty Attic Into a Contemporary Workspace for Upfield

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JDWA Transforms an Empty Attic Into a Contemporary Workspace for Upfield
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When the Unilever brand split from their margarine and spread department, they had it continue as its own independent company named Upfield. The formation of the new company would unite all of their Rotterdam departments, including the offices, research & development, logistics and production, under one roof on the unused upper floors of a building complex. The Dutch office of JDWA (Johan de Wachter Architecten) were hired to make it happen and they transformed those top stories into a sustainable, contemporary office called The Attic.

The Attic is located in the oldest factory building at the office complex, which meant loads of historical details throughout. To create the modern office inside of an older building, the architects intervened in various ways, like removing unnecessary walls, building out meeting rooms for group work sessions, telephone calls and product displays. Each of the spaces are separated into their own zones with their own schemes, all filled with light and views looking out to the river Maas.

In addition to regular workstations, a variety of formal and informal meeting rooms are incorporated, as well as kitchens and tasting counters.

Green plants and pops of color bring life to the workspace, which feels fresh and modern thanks to the white ceilings and light wooden paneling throughout.

Photos by Sonia Mangiapane.

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