Joel Escalona Explores Laws of Motion for BREUER
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Mexico-based designer Joel Escalona has created his first collectible, limited-edition, 9-piece series of designer mirrors, tables, and seats for BREUER. The Laws of Motion collection employs the physical concepts of gravity, force, and movement to sculpt oak, marble, and metal into design pieces.

The collection was showcased for the first time at ZONAMACO 2019, a contemporary art and design fair in Latin America.

‘Force’ is a table and stool set with marble detailing.


Big and small mirror

‘Movement’ is a series of slated furniture objects including a bench, a mirror, a circular coffee table, a rectangular coffee table, and side tables.

‘Acceleration’ consists of a circular, wrap-around oak chair and an oak room divider.

Under ‘Velocity’ are three geometric sculptures cast in oak and metal.

Photos by Mariana Achach.

Keshia grew up in Singapore and moved to the U.S. to attend Dartmouth College. When she was living abroad after graduation, a chance enrollment at the Architectural Association Visiting School led to her becoming enamored with door schedules and architectural écriture. She's particularly interested in design for aging, rural architecture, and Asian design heritage.