July Modernizes the Design and Installation of Window Air Conditioners

04.27.20 | By
July Modernizes the Design and Installation of Window Air Conditioners

As a longtime renter residing in a city where triple digit summers are the norm, I’ve always had to purchase and install my own window air conditioning units. Most window units are dreadfully large and intrusive pieces of engineering manufactured with only a minimal amount of forethought about their impact within a home. Which makes the proposal of the July air conditioning unit a promising attempt to make ACs genuinely “cool” and easier to install.

The July’s minimalist interior facing design can be attributed to a collaboration with the same designers behind the ubiquitous Away suitcase, Box Clever, a system borrowing from other more fashionable categories of home and fashion products with the introduction of user customization. Customers can choose from a small selection of removable covers to afford what is typically a conspicuous appliance the guise of something a bit more harmonious within the home.

The minimalist front facing panel takes on varying subtle personalities according to whether a matte, wood veneer, or fabric front finish is chosen.

Perhaps more importantly, the July proposes to ease what can be a cumbersome and harrowing experience: installation. The July is thus designed with a patented installation system using its own support frame, allowing the average person to safely slide the unit securely into place with the window already shut.

Specs-wise, the July is offered in two sizes, the former better for smaller spaces like the bedroom or a home office, the latter suitable for moderate size living rooms. Each July also comes with its own remote control and are WiFi enabled with an app-based control that gives users customization and scheduling options, alongside the option to use voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Additionally there are two air filter options to further customize the units: Advanced Pure Air for people with allergies/pets and an Odor Removing Carbon filter for those who cook or live in polluted areas.

The July is launching this summer with the 6,000 BTU unit retailing at $349 and the 8,000 BTU unit at $399. A pre-order waitlist and additional information is available via the July website now.

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