Kamome Japanese Humidifier Inspired by Radio Design

01.25.19 | By
Kamome Japanese Humidifier Inspired by Radio Design

The Kamome ultrasonic humidifier by Japanese industrial designer Kazuya Koike of Doog Design shares the classic antenna-topped silhouette of an electronic appliance of yore – the radio. But this little square-shaped home appliance is engineered to output soothing ultra-fine vapor rather than tunes.

The ultrasonic humidifier’s square body and chimney design evokes the simplified shape of a tabletop radio in a most minimalist form. Within its spare case hides a high capacity 2.4 liter tank designed to feed distilled water to an ultrasonic vibrating diaphragm to turn into a fine mist for up to 8 hours between refills.

There’s also the option to add additional aromas to the mist output using a small separate felt insert compartment if desired, and controls include the ability to set the humidifier for 1, 2, and 4 hour intervals before auto-shut off. Two models are available – hybrid and ultrasonic – with the hybrid model offering a heating element to warm the steam before output.

Available in light grey, mint green and coral pink, the Kamome humidifier is designed to be as much as a decorative element as an appliance of comfort and health, another example of tasteful Japanese modern design in the humidifier category designed to complement decor, rather than detract from it.

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