Let’s Talk Terrazzo – 12 Ways To Try the Trend at Home + Beyond

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Let’s Talk Terrazzo – 12 Ways To Try the Trend at Home + Beyond

Originally created in the 16th century as a means to repurpose excess stone chippings, terrazzo has remained a fixture in the design world ever since. You know it when you see it of course, but what makes terrazzo, terrazzo? The composite material is defined by the multicolored pieces of material set into cement (though today terrazzo patterns can be achieved with a variety of materials), that come together to create a confetti-like display of colors and textures that feels retro, playful, and classic all at once. While terrazzo has never truly left us, I’m psyched that it’s having another moment – expanding from its flooring roots into endless design interpretations, from planters and decor to jewelry and dinnerware. Interested in trying the terrazzo trend for yourself? Read on for 12 terrazzo-inspired finds that’ll get you started – find more in the Design Milk Shop.


incense holder

1. Square Terrazzo Incense Holders by Pretti.Cool

Hand-cast from custom made molds and made with recycled materials, these terrazzo incense holders feature finely integrated pigments for a distinct spectrum of colors in every holder. The incense holder’s simple square form lets the terrazzo pattern take the stage, turning this functional fragrance vessel into sculptural decor in its own right.

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porter mug

2. Porter Terrazzo 12oz Mug by W&P

Why limit the terrazzo to your decor? Take it with you while out and about with W&P’s Terrazzo Porter Mug. The durable ceramic mug retains the temperature of hot and cold drinks alike and features a cream-colored body with terrazzo flecks of yellow, green, pink, and navy blue – bringing a funfetti look to your morning coffee or matcha. The matte silicone wrap keeps the Porter protected from bumps and scratches, making it perfect for drinks at home and on the go.

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terrazzo bowl

3. Terrazzo Concrete Bowl by Les Pieds De Biche

We can’t talk terrazzo without talking about Brussels-based brand Les Pieds De Biche. Each one of their Terrazzo Concrete Bowls has a captivating pattern that’s totally unique, with striking constellations of multicolored flecks. This bowl would be a showstopper on your entry table as a catch-all for everyday items, or on your dining table as a playful, color-rich centerpiece. Of all the playful colorways available, the earthy sage tone on the green style is a solid favorite.

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funnel planter

4. Funnel Planter by Capra Designs

This Capra Designs planter is handcrafted in a handful of flattering terrazzo color ways, from a dusty rose terracotta to a leafy sage green, crisp white, and stone black – so you’re bound to find one that suits your design aesthetic. Whether you go for rose or the more minimal stone black, the Funnel Planter is sure to add color and texture to a room. The Funnel’s roomy, rounded form makes it an ideal first home for new houseplants to grow into, and it includes a water tray at its base to ensure proper drainage.

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geo soaps

5. Terrazzo Geo Soaps by Bell Mountain Naturals

You’ve seen terrazzo on bathroom countertops, but I bet you’ve never seen it like this. These terrazzo bar soaps by Bell Mountain Naturals are hand-cut into a geometric form and feature multicolored gems inside each bar for that terrazzo effect. What’s more, they’re made with a blend of plant-based oils and butters that nourish skin as they clean – making these decorative soaps a joy to use and display on your vanity.

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capra designs planter

6. The Archie Planter by Capra Designs

The arched base on the appropriately named Archie Planter gives the traditional cylinder planter shape an architectural twist – and functions as a drainage tray to help avoid overwatering! When it comes to color options, there are a ton of fun terrazzo tones to play with. From their “salty” blush leaning beige to a bold emerald green with flecks of ochre, navy, and pink, or the golden yellow terrazzo with contrasting speckles of maroon, navy, and white. There’s something for everyone.

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terrazzo plant pot

7. Multipurpose Terrazzo Pot by Bend Goods

This statement terrazzo pot brings color, texture, and utility to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Use it as a floor planter or use it for storage wherever your heart desires. However you decide to style it, this well-made terrazzo pot will bring a modern look and the eclectic terrazzo motif to your space, while standing the test of time.

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terrazzo storage box

8. Terrazzo Storage Box by Les Pieds De Biche

If you’re unsure about how to bring the terrazzo trend home, this keepsake box is a great place to start. Perfect for storing your most coveted trinkets, jewelry, and other small items, the Terrazzo Storage Box is as functional as it is decorative. Keep it on your bathroom vanity, dresser, or side table for instant craft and personality. If you’re color shy, the grey concrete colorway is an easy gateway into the wonderful world of terrazzo with its varied blue, white, and yellow flecks.

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terrazzo table

9. Terrazzo Table by Bend Goods

Made in collaboration with Concrete Collaborative, this Terrazzo Table combines Bend Good’s cool, powder coated wire design with a retro terrazzo tabletop to create an eye-catching table that works indoors and out. The terrazzo tabletop features flecks of ochre, terracotta, navy, and teal on a white base – making it a stylish addition to any space while leaving plenty of room for color coordinating with other home decor.

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terrazzo necklace

10. Concrete Terrazzo + Cotton Necklaces by Pretti.Cool

Those who are truly committed to the terrazzo lifestyle will appreciate the look of the Concrete Terrazzo necklace by Pretti.Cool. An elevated, modern take on the arts and crafts look of the macaroni necklaces of your childhood, the terrazzo necklace adds a modern, sculptural look to any outfit while remaining playful at heart. The concrete beads and the dyed cotton rope gives this necklace tactile appeal that’ll never get old.

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terrazzo chess board

11. Terrazzo Black & White Chessboard by House Raccoon

Designed and handmade to order in House Raccoon’s Antwerp studio, this terrazzo chessboard is the first of its kind. Between the ultra-modern black and white terrazzo tiles, and the sculptural chess pieces, the Terrazzo Chessboard is guaranteed to catch the attention of house guests and inspire chess play at home. The board is treated with a wax coating to preserve the vibrance of the terrazzo tiles over time – making this design-driven chess game one you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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terrazzo tray

12. Large Terrazzo Tray by Capra Designs

This Terrazzo Tray is an easy way to work the trend into any room in the house – on your coffee table with a candle and a vase, on your dining table as a centerpiece, in your bedroom to store perfumes and jewelry – and the list goes on. It features a cork bottom to prevent scratches, and comes in a range of sizes and colors, ensuring there’s an option for everyone. What’s not to love?

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