Lexus Design Award 2014 Winners
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The 12 winners of the second Lexus Design Awards were recently announced, just in time for Milan Design Week 2014. The winners will be showing their conceptual works throughout, where curiosity was the theme, and two of them are receiving up to five million yen to cover their prototype costs. Take a look at the twelve winner’s designs:

Iris by Sebastian Scherer-2

1. Iris by Sebastian Scherer, one of the prototype winners, is a glass lamp that’s made of a handblown crystal sphere. It reflects and shimmers in different colors from every angle, and is an inspiring luminary piece.

Macian Denbuilding Kit James Fox-1

Macian Denbuilding Kit James Fox-2

2. Macian by James Fox is the second prototype winner. It’s a clever, den building kit that’s portable and is made up of a set of simple components that help the user engage in creative work within the environment.

Crane Bookcase by Magenta-1


3. Crane by Magenta is a playful and interactive bookcase. Its light construction allows for lightness and movement, so that each book placed or moved creates a gentle sway in Crane.

DICECOVER Global Game Mansour Ourasanah-1

DICECOVER Global Game Mansour Ourasanah-2

4. DICECOVER by Mansour Ourasanah is a sensor-based dice board game that invites players to learn more about our planet. It is designed to spark curiosity, stimulate playfulness, and exploration.

E-Wheel Phuoc Nguyen-2

E-Wheel Phuoc Nguyen-1

5. E-Wheel by Phuoc Nguyen is a redesigned pedal electric cycle (pedelec), that offers riders new experiments when pedaling. It can be integrated into conventional or folding bicycles and uses wireless tech for remote control and battery charge.

Flynote Musical System alDith-1

Flynote Musical System alDith-2

6. Flynote by alDith is a record player where the past meets the future. Using new technologies, it reproduces the high-quality sound that only vinyl gives.

Game of Space IOS Architecture-1

Game of Space IOS Architecture-2

7. Game of Space by IAO Architecture is a 4D, inclusive game. It is meant to pique curiosity, and is moveable, comprehensive, and an ambiguous time-participating process.

JoyCarpet for Babies Meng-Ling Yang-1

JoyCarpet for Babies Meng-Ling Yang-2

JoyCarpet for Babies Meng-Ling Yang-3

8. JoyCarpet by Meng-Ling Yang is an interactive carpet for babies to encourage mental growth and development. It uses flashing lights as both an attraction and sound reward to encourage crawling and movement.

Ooho Water Packaging Skipping Rocks Lab -1

Ooho Water Packaging Skipping Rocks Lab -2

9. Ooho! by Skipping Rocks Lab is an organic membrane packaging for liquids using spherification, which is a culinary technique. It’s an alternative packaging method that’s simple, cheap, hygienic, biodegradable… and even edible!

Pause Time Teller Stuti and Rajeev-1

Pause Time Teller Stuti and Rajeev-2

10. PAUSE by Stuti & Rajeev redefines the perception of time. It unites time-telling devices from many different eras into one playful and effective design.

Rotating Wooden Cubes MAMIKIM  Co.-1

Rotating Wooden Cubes MAMIKIM  Co.-2

11. PIXIMOT by MAMIKIM & Co. is an interactive screen made up of rotating wooden cubes that simplify the surrounding environment. It forms a pixelated moving image that intrigues the viewer.


12. Sky Lighthouse by Yoshiki Matsuyama is a lighting object that embodies the colors of the sky – the blue of the sky, red of the sunset, and all of the colors in between. Natural phenomena is displayed through the color scheme.

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