Light Embracing Leather: LUME by Filippo Mambretti

A marriage of marked minimalism with the imprint of human craft come together with LUME, a new table light designed by Filippo Mambretti for Enrico Pellizzoni. Revealed at Milan Design Week 2023, Mambretti’s simple, yet sophisticated combination of perforated and stitched leatherwork frames a linear LED light. Paired with a milk-white glass diffuser, the resulting softened illumination conjures a subtle interplay between light and shadow.

Mambretti’s design is defined by scores of alternating incisions across the front and back of a stitched flattened circular or ovular leather shade, a feature intended to attenuate the illumination. The leather lampshade itself influences the color of the light shining through, especially in its warmer tanned leather iteration.

The form and scale evokes designs of a nautical light signal, or with the thinner lampshade, a vintage microphone.

The lampshade itself is designed to slide off easily, allowing alterations and customizations over the lamp’s lifetime.

Additional information about the LUME is available over at Filippo Mambretti’s website.

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