Lookin’ Fine at Nine: Mingus’ Adoption Day Wishlist

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Lookin’ Fine at Nine: Mingus’ Adoption Day Wishlist
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THIS GUY. Mingus is the B.M.O.C. (Big Man on Campus) this week, as he’s getting ready to celebrate his 9th Adoption Day! Aside from a trip out for ice cream, what’s on the world’s greatest huskymutt’s Adoption Day wishlist?


1 \ As you can tell, Mingus loves pillows, and, well, he kind of looks like a wild animal. Ergo, the Fantastic Mr. Fox Because I’m a Wild Animal pillow by Nan Lawson at Society6.


2 \ He’s not nicknamed The Professor for nothing. Classy accessories for a classy gentleman: personalized Italian Leather Business Bags from Mark & Graham.


3 \ Camping and hiking are Ming’s favorite pastimes, and the Kurgo Zippy Bowl is handy and easy to pack.

4 \ Little Man loves (seriously!) a refreshing shower, and some fancy shampoo would make him feel his handsomest: Isle of Dogs Royal Jelly shampoo.

5 \ As mentioned, Ming’s a pro hiker, and the Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack from REI means serious business.


6 \ Awesome modern dog beds from Pooccio are the perfect way to relax in style.


7 \ A walk, please? with the classy Found My Animal rope leash.

8 \ This Waggo treat jar brimming with Charlee Bears would be a gift that keeps on giving.

9 \ Let’s be honest – he’d rather it be real (and he deserves it!): Dogmeat T-Bone steak toy from Petprojekt.

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