A Set of Tools for People Who Have Difficulties Eating

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A Set of Tools for People Who Have Difficulties Eating

One of our dear friends and former Pinch intern, Louise Knoppert, debuted her latest product concept at Dutch Design Week. Besides the beautiful design, PROEF is smart and thoughtful. And we would expect nothing less from Louise, a self-proclaimed ambitious enthusiastic perfectionist studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

As a result, she has been nominated for a Better Award and is going to an expo about health-care in Taiwan to expose more of the world to PROEF.

Below is Louise’s thesis of PROEF:

Every year, around 5000 people in the Netherlands have a tube installed in their stomachs permanently for tube feeding. All food is being pumped into their stomach directly. Many of these people are capable of living regular lives like us, except they are not allowed to eat or drink ever again.

During my research I found that there are more groups of people who have difficulties eating and drinking. These are people suffering from ALS, dementia, terminal illnesses, neurological disease, cancer or children who have troubles with food.

I can’t imagine life without food and drinks, and missing out on all the social events that revolve around it. I want to give these people something back, something to experience, something to share. I want to invite them to the dinner table again.

With the set of tools I developed you can create a new food experience.
 The set includes a variety of sensations, flavors, feelings, movements, actions, etc. 
The flavors are related to particular cuisines or events so people can relate properly to what others around them are having.



 | This piece uses ultrasonic/atomizer technology to create smoke from a flavorful liquid.
 The rings around the top give a pleasant feeling of texture on the lips.

 This piece sprinkles tiny shunks on your tongue which pop, melt and tingle and spread the flavor.


A pinch of powder that melts on your tongue.



 This piece sucks up a liquid that can be squeezed out by using your mouth. The sponge feels soft, and the liquid inside is juicy.



 This piece must be shaken to create foam on the liquid inside. The flexibility makes sure you can squeeze out the foam, which will then make its way onto the textured surface.
In the mouth, the foam reveals a flavor burst and it leaves a tingly sensation and sound in the mouth when it goes away.



 | With this piece you can create a tiny layer of ice around the shape.
 Between the shape and the cap, which functions as a mould, is a flavorful liquid. After freezing you can take off the cap and enjoy the cold sensation with flavor and texture.



With this piece you can roll the flavor onto your tongue and lips, providing a massage and putting the flavors directly onto the taste buds at the same time.


DIP | 

This flexible piece is for dipping. After dipping it into a paste you can either lick it or brush it onto your tongue.
 The flexible arches make for a pleasant texture, and allow for playing around with.


Squeezing this piece will spray mist from it. The vapor leaves a pleasant sensation in your mouth, and flavor of course.



TJ Girard is a sought-after food designer and creative consultant, celebrated for staging theatrical, interactive food + beverage experiences. She now resides in California where her creativity is solar powered! TJ writes the Design Milk column called Taste.