The Higher Aspirations of the Mae x Joe Doucet Collection

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The Higher Aspirations of the Mae x Joe Doucet Collection

The body of Joe Doucet x Partners work reflects the philosophical belief absence is as powerful of a tool as substance – a portfolio exhibiting a pared down modernity aided by the techniques and tools of technology – everything ranging from safety to transportation to the future of dining. Thus it arrives with little surprise the multidisciplinary Doucet has recently worked with MAE, a premium cannabis brand, with the shared goal of destigmatizing cannabis by underlining the pleasures of ritual in minimalist fashion. What is a surprise is the unabashedly sensual vibe of the collection, one represented by an elegantly modern humidor, intricately detailed pipe, roach clip, grinder, ashtray and water pipe.

Doucet explains, “Although not an avid user, I really enjoy working in categories where serious design has yet to play a major role. I wanted to create a series of accessories one would not have to stash away in a drawer but proudly display.” And indeed, the MAE x Joe Doucet Collection compels a bit of exhibition of the tools for getting pleasantly high with products exhibiting the glamorous aesthetic of the Gilded Age as interpreted by the perfections of machine learning.

MAE is actually an acronym for “Mind At Ease”, a brand founded by L.A. fashion entrepreneur Armen Gregorian, whose impetus for founding a cannabis brand supposedly arose from his daughter compelling him to give up a “nightly wine habit for cannabis“. Drawing inspiration from the classic elegance of luxury goods maker, Mont Blanc, Gregorian tapped Joe Doucet x Partners to create a six-piece collection of accessories ranging from $45 to $395 for cannabis connoisseurs desiring accessories to last a lifetime rather than a single session.

The centerpiece of the MAE x Joe Doucet collection is this 3-piece humidor designed to keep cannabis flower and pre-rolls in optimal condition. “Most people don’t know that cannabis should be treated like cigars and kept in a humidified environment in order to ensure maximum potency throughout its lifetime.”

I always enjoy working in categories where considered design has yet to be applied. I tried to approach each product as if there was nothing that came before it. How can I create an elevated experience for the user? How can I create objects one would be proud to display in a category in which the objects are typically hidden away? I feel like we have achieved that with the Courbe Collection for MAE. A personal favorite is the roach clip, which is typically such an ad hoc item.

-Joe Doucet

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