Meet Kana’s New, Strong + Versatile Milo Bakeware Collection

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Meet Kana’s New, Strong + Versatile Milo Bakeware Collection

Functional kitchenware is wonderful, but when it’s also aesthetically pleasing we’re likely to love it all the more. Meet Milo bakeware, Kana’s newest addition to the brand. Ergonomically designed with large handles, tri-ply clad stainless steel, and an aluminum core for even heat distribution and retention, this dishwasher-safe bakeware features all of the strength and versatility that we love. You can use these pieces as bakeware, grillware, and serveware because they’re all rolled into one. Thanks to sturdy construction, you can even use them on your open flame outdoor grill – the bakeware is resistant to temperatures up to 1000º F!

stainless steel baking pans

The design of Kana’s non-toxic Milo bakeware pulls from the brand’s mission of versatility, durability, elegance, and values. Rethinking the status quo and turning utilitarian pieces into everyday staples worthy of your cabinet space was the ultimate goal. A durable alternative to stonewarDe, this thoughtfully designed bakeware gracefully moves between the heat source and the dining table, leaving you with more space and fewer dishes to wash.

detail of Kana logo on baking cooling rack

The individual pieces of the collection are made in standard bakeware sizes – the perfect fit for pre-cut parchment. The tri-ply clad stainless steel that makes up Milo bakeware uses two layers of stainless steel to sandwich an aluminum core. The aluminum ensures perfect heat distribution, while the outer layers of non-toxic stainless steel keep your food from coming into contact with the aluminum. It’s even suitable for commercial use.

stainless steel bakeware with two round cakes

It’s obvious that Kana puts as much thought into the aesthetics of the design as they do the technology and engineering. Milo Bakeware came to be after two years of research, development, and prototyping. Marise Perusse, Brand General Manager at Kana, worked with Dikini, a talented industrial design studio based in Montreal, to bring together the right material, size, and finish that would make cake pans and sheet pans a versatile staple in the kitchen. Every detail has a rhyme and a reason in this timeless, eco-friendly bakeware line that’s meant to be a focal point while dining with the people you love. None of the sustainably sourced and recycled materials compromise on quality. Just as good, the pieces are designed to last forever – or they’re biodegradable so as to leave no trace.

“Goods Made Better” is the ethos behind everything that Kana does, not only through the durable, sustainable materials used, but also the people and places the brand works with. Furthermore, Kana offsets 100% of the carbon emissions released as a result of shipping items, and invests in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount. The brand also works with 1% for the Planet, an environmental initiative supporting non-profit organizations for a better future.

Aside from Kana’s Milo bakeware, the brand also offers an original collection of cookware, Dutch ovens, textiles, and parchment paper. It’s reassuring to know that every purchase – no matter how small – helps make a real difference in your home and around the globe. Learn more at

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