Meet The Maker at IDS Toronto 2020: Objects & Ideas

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Meet The Maker at IDS Toronto 2020: Objects & Ideas
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Third up in our mini series featuring the designers of the Maker section of this month’s IDS Toronto show is Objects & Ideas. Founded by Di Tao and Bob Dodd in 2015, Objects & Ideas is a Canadian design practice that has a unique perspective in the way they approach design. They believe products and furniture are like art, in that they have a way of speaking to us beyond their function. Like art, the best products have a soul, a presence, an inner quality that makes us feel better and live well. This is what they hope to instill in all of their designs, so that their products fulfill more than just a functional need. They fulfill an emotional one too.

Learn more about Objects & Ideas here and don’t forget to get your tickets to IDS Toronto 2020 to see more of their designs in person.

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