MilkWeed: It’s All In The Details

As Springs springs, I feel like a enraptured kid seeing things for the very first time. Like really SEEING, and with all my senses…. colors and textures and fragrances and nubile life exploding in a big party for the soul. Even in “sunny” Southern Cali, we awaken to Spring with a new pep in the step and spirited appreciation for even the smallest of changes in our environment as Mother Nature shakes off the chill and straps on her dancing shoes.

Charles Eames famously proclaimed, “The details are not details, they make the product.” And the longer I design my own craft, the more this sentiment holds true for me; it’s the small and sometimes subtle aspects that complete the whole. Nature, the ultimate designer, has always shown us this. The closer you look, the greater the mind-blowing wonder. And so in celebration of Spring, I share some visual candy we have been collecting as we “train the eye” and generally freak out over the amazing world around us.

All photos by Scott Caligure.

Recommended reading:
How to See: A Guide to Reading Our Man-Made Environment by George Nelson
Succulents: Nature’s Sculptural Wonders by Bela Kalman and Steven Hammer
Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature: The Complete Edition by Georges Batille and Karl Blossfeldt

Happy Spring and happy seeing!