The Nebula Alpha’s 3D-Knitted Seating Softens a Futuristic Ride

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The Nebula Alpha’s 3D-Knitted Seating Softens a Futuristic Ride
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Future-forward mobility vehicles are a favorite subject matter when it comes to designers imagining a more sustainable and economical transportation system, especially in the form of electric scooters. Speculative concepts like the angular Akira-esque BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 forecast the global adoption of affordable and efficient electric-powered rapid commuting vehicles beyond automobiles, noting the entry point is far lower when it comes to purchasing two wheels rather than four. Following this forecast, Hong Kong design studio Oneobject’s curvilinear Nebula Alpha and Beta scooters propose a softer technological approach when it comes to Point A to Point B commutes.

Designed for “mid and long distance urban travel” the sleek curving silhouette of the Nebula Alpha is primarily defined by a sweeping 3D-knitted footrest section emerging upward into a seat. A water/dirt resistant application coats the entirety of the Alpha’s purple to pink ombré interior, accentuating the upturn motion toward the e-scooter’s stool-like seat and also hiding a small compartment.

Underneath this scooter’s seat houses the the Alpha’s battery compartment, accessible with an easy to lift loop for quick charge change outs.

Parametric LED head and tail lights are built into the swooping undercarriage of the Alpha design, only visible when necessity requires illumination.

A HUD display not only delivers real-time driver information and safety warnings, it also simplifies the entire layout of physical controls. A small hook extends just underneath the handles, offering rider’s an extra storage+carry option.

And as the name implies, Nebula is paired with a secondary and smaller kick-board e-scooter concept counterpart, one intended for short distance travel. The Beta’s slim, lightweight design mirrors many of the same design features of its larger sibling, one optimized to deliver riders across the final mile(s) of their daily urban commute.

For more about the Nebula Alpha and Nebula Beta e-scooters, visit Oneobject’s project site.

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