New Designs from Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni’s 2018 Collections

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New Designs from Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni’s 2018 Collections
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Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni showcase their latest collections in collaboration with some of the world’s leading designers. The new collection includes 12 new pieces, ranging from vases, side tables, lounge chairs and much more.

Julep designed by Jonas Wagell includes a sofa, armchair, chaise-lounge, and ottoman. The collection immediately draws the viewer’s eyes to its soft curves and fully upholstered structure. A recessed base lifts each piece off the floor to convey a sense of lightness.

Wagell also added a straight-front 3-seat sofa to the Roma collection of seating inspired by Italian mid-century design. This line is defined by its clean, simple lines and balanced proportions.

Lina is a re-edition of an armchair designed by Gianfanco Frattini that features an unusual wooden frame where the same bent plywood element that supports the side of the seat also curves up to support the armrests.

Memory Lane designed by Christophe Pillet is a timeless chair with a simplified design, with only a slender metal structure and elastic back webbing to support the upholstery.

Designed by Truly Truly, Daze is a low table made of bent and welded sheets of metal that are hand-colored to create the variations in the paint.

Jak designed by Patrick Forget is a desk that can be used with a light metal base or mounted on a wall. Although it has an antique aesthetic to it, the desk is suited for the digital age with its concealed USB ports.

Nello Spazio is a colorful, abstract rug designed by Umberto Riva that’s inspired by the architect’s own paintings. The rug is entirely hand-made using Himalayan wool in Nepal.

Rituale is another rug inspired by Riva’s paintings, this time featuring geometric patterns.

Bubble is a line of re-edited vases designed by Alvino Bagni, a Florentine ceramist who opened his studio in 1946 and creates modern works using traditional Tuscan ceramics.

Pi-Dou is also another re-edition of vases by Bagni that’s inspired by the ceramicist’s visit to the Pompidou Centre in the late ‘70s. A modern yet playful object, Pi-Dou consists of two intersecting tubes similar to the ones that run along the facade of the Pompidou Centre.

Miss Pack, also designed by the studio of Alvino Bagni, is a lamp whose design was inspired by motorcycle helmets.

Last but not least, Soleil is a mirror designed by Giorgio Bonaguro that looks like a jeweled pendant on the wall with its gold accents and elegant leather cord.

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