New Frederik Roijé Candleholders Breathe Light Into Your Space

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New Frederik Roijé Candleholders Breathe Light Into Your Space

With Dutch Design Week kicking off on October 16th, it’s only right that we celebrate by welcoming newness from renowned Dutch designer and Design Milk favorite, Studio Frederik Roijé. Committed to driving innovation and creativity in modern design, Roijé pieces bring instant personality and an elevated playfulness to your space. Some Roijé favorites include his Paper Pet magazine holder and Dish of Desire Bird Feeder. Roijé continues to celebrate unique shapes and creativity with his latest additions to the Design Milk Shop, the Walk of Flame candelabra and Wall of Flame candleholders. Made of metal tubes bent into curved positions, the designer’s candleholders inject a sense of whimsy into a harsh, unwavering material and modernize a medieval accessory.

Roijé walk of flame candle holder in a living room

The Walk of Flame candelabra is composed of multiple arms of metal pipes brought together to create what resembles a living “walking” creature in your space. Its size alone makes Walk of Flame a statement, but its sculptural form makes it something viewers will never stop talking about. Roijé is doing what he does best, breathing life into perceivably fixed materials and creating light in untraditional ways.

Roijé Wall of Flame candle holders mounted on a wall in a living room

Roijé Wall of Flame candle holders on a wall in a living room

The Wall of Flame Candleholders are standalone, wall-mounted metal pipes designed to dress and illuminate your walls. Available in gold plated, dark grey and white finishes, there’s bound to be a candleholder to suit your home’s aesthetic. How you style Roijé pieces is up to you – get inspired by the brand’s playful spirit and pair your candleholder with a colored tapered candle or embrace minimalism with a classic white candle. No matter how you style them, these innovative candleholders are sure to brighten your day.

Studio Frederik Roije products in a room

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