New Works by Studio Cecilia Xinyu Zhang

You might recognize Cecilia Xinyu Zhang from our ICFF 2018 favorites roundup. A graduate from the Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK) at Gothenburg University, Sweden, Zhang worked as a design assistant at the Marcel Wanders Studio before establishing her own studio in Bergen, Norway. We’re a fan of her work which is mostly defined by clean lines, spatial forms, and geometric elements. Take a look…

The Equant Suspension Lamp is as much a work of art as it is a functional fixture. Its unique form comes from the multiple elements that make it up: the half sphere that houses an LED light, the adjustable circular deflector that helps diffuse the light when swiveled, the black metal disc that holds the deflector in place, and the incomplete circular structure that holds it all together.

The initials in the S.V. Side Table stands for Solid/Void, referencing the two halves of the side table. A balance of emptiness and existence, it consists of a triangular tabletop and a frame for positive/negative space.

The Fractal Chair is a reflection of the human body. A gently curved back imitates the natural spine and the high-low armrests are a natural result of the human body’s recurring fractal spine.

The Fifth D is an abstract clock that attempts to interpret the concept of the fifth dimensional space.

Designed for Northern, the Nook is a modern interpretation of the ladder which has been trending in interior spaces as a frame to hang clothes, magazines or textiles. Its geometric shapes and graphic outlines make it feel more contemporary.

Another design for Northern, the Frame is a multi-functional product that, similar to the Nook, can be used to hang home accessories and decor. When not in use, it can simply return to its two-dimensional shape laying parallel with the wall, a concept Zhang describes as “space within space.”

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