Oikoi: A Lighting Brand That Uses Light as Material

Oikoi is a newer lighting brand in the lighting industry, an Italian spinoff of a leading Chinese company in fact, and they’ve just released their latest project. Looking to create a collection that combines the creativity of Italian designers and the technical and production expertise offered in China, a series of four modern fixtures was created featuring distinctive lines and saturated colors as the stand-out feature throughout. The brand is built on the approach of using industrial glass as the jumping off point for each design, allowing aesthetics and functionality to coexist. The use of a parametric algorithm in the design phase produces textures on the glass through which the light is either evenly diffused or encircled, creating magical surrounding atmospheres.

The Odo pendant light consists of two concentric elements in colored aluminum and glass with a satin finish, allowing for two different yet simultaneous light intensities. The result is mesmerizing and can be customized at will.

Ida is a versatile light fixture that can be oriented horizontally as well as vertically, thanks to the addition of a special nylon band.

Nino’s design consists of a suspended metal dome and concave lens with an inner geometric texture that magnificently accentuates the light.

Ulla, a floor lamp, projects a softly-lit atmosphere into the room thanks to the central satin-finish glass plate.

Photos by Max Rommel.

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