Pebble Is an Asymmetric Sofa That Challenges Convention

07.01.19 | By
Pebble Is an Asymmetric Sofa That Challenges Convention

Designer and architect Santiago Bautista created Pebble, a modern interpretation of the sofa, from his Copenhagen studio. He designed this collection to inspire people to use the asymmetric sofa in whatever way they want, explaining “When we go out in nature and sit on a pile of rocks we always find our preferred spot. Suddenly one of the edges becomes a seat, an armrest or even a table. Inspired by this idea, I wanted to create a very open sofa concept.”

Following this open sofa concept, Pebble is made to order and customizable. Bolia makes them with or without a side table, in many different colors, and with the armrest on either the right or left side. Plus, it works as a single sofa or a multi-unit, with several sofas nesting seamlessly next to one another.

Since this sofa collection is easily designed to fit any space, Pebble is perfect for offices, stores, and even homes! And, it provides a creative way to get away from the typical constraints of more traditional sofas.

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