Pet Corrector by The Company of Animals
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My dogs are fairly laid back with a few exceptions. One is when someone they love comes over to the house. They get very over-excited. Second, is when someone rings the doorbell or knocks at the door. They begin to bark like crazy hopping around for absolutely no reason. It drives us crazy. So, I was really excited when this product arrived at my doorstep (and, ironically, the dogs barked when they heard the FedEx guy drop it off at the door).

The Pet Corrector is from the UK-based dog training company The Company of Animals. The device is basically a can of compressed air that makes a loud, hissing sound when you press the nozzle. This sound is designed to stop unwanted behavior such as barking, jumping or stealing food. While it may not cure the problem right away, it interrupts the behavior enough for the dog to stop.

I have been using this product with my dogs for about 2 weeks now, during which we’ve had multiple visitors to our door. I absolutely love it. The dogs immediately stop their barking and stare at the can. It distracts them enough to forget why they were barking. One thing that I’ve noticed with my dogs is that I need to get close to them and spray it at them and not just randomly in the air. Otherwise, it’s not as effective.

I think now, it’s time for me to get a little more serious and start associating the word “quiet” with the Pet Corrector. That way, eventually, they can be trained to stop barking after I say “Quiet!” without having to use the spray.

Like I said, it’s been about 2 weeks and the can is starting to run out. I think it is worth investing in a few cans for training, associating the spray with specific words and behaviors and then you can probably begin using the can less and less until you don’t need it anymore.

Pet Corrector is now available outside of the UK: in Walmart Canada for a limited time and you can get it on Amazon.

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