Plumen x 3D-Printed Lampshades Glow With Potential

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Plumen x 3D-Printed Lampshades Glow With Potential

With growing concerns about the proliferation of plastic waste globally, the need to integrate recycled materials into the lifecycle of products has emerged as an important and notable trend in the future of consumer goods. One of the more recent and successful examples of turning trash into treasure can be credited to London-based in partnership with lighting innovators, Plumen.

Inspired by the geometry of the Art Deco era, Matthias Lauche’s Neo shade is paired with Plumen’s Milky Willow LED bulb, and can be customized in several color combinations.

The quintet of Plumen x lampshades all the product of 3D printing, using a filament manufactured from recycled and repurposed plastics, sourced from the remnants of recycled water bottles, parts from discarded appliances, and a variety of other plastic waste. The 3D-printed collection is also the product of collaboration between and five different design studios.

To reduce the amount of waste produced, each shade is printed on demand at’ east London
headquarters, and is in turn recyclable also.

To Plumen, 3D-printing is a very exciting opportunity for lighting. 3D-printing allows shapes and forms that are not possible otherwise. More importantly, there is very little waste compared to traditional methods – products are made to order, from recycled plastic bottles and at the end of their lives they can be recycled once again. It’s a sustainable vision for the future.

– Michael-George Hemus / Plumen co-founder

The Ribbon by BOLD is designed to complement and coordinate with Plumen’s Milky Wilma bulb, accented by a vertical line intended to soften the plasticity into something more textile, while also adding an additional egress for light to glow from.

The first two shades from the collection – Neo by Matthias Lauche and Ribbon by Bold – were released in late November, with additional designs scheduled to follow in 2020. Each design will be available for purchase from both the and online stores starting at around $198, including a Plumen LED bulb.

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