It’s Quite Clear: Society6’s New Acrylic Trays + Boxes Add More Art to Your Life

11.29.18 | By
It’s Quite Clear: Society6’s New Acrylic Trays + Boxes Add More Art to Your Life

Whether you need a catch-all tray to corral all your knick-knacks or just serve up some holiday drinks, Society6’s recently launched acrylic trays are a unique way to do it. With Society6’s collective of independent artists, these trays are a way to add more art in your life in an unexpected form. They come in two sizes, small and medium, with the latter including hand holes for easy carrying. An eco-friendly UV topcoat keeps the artwork from fading and the included feet help avoid creating scratches on your surfaces.

For smaller items, Society6’s new acrylic boxes are a perfect storage solution for the random things in your life that you still need a designated place for, like Q-tips, jewelry, or coins. For the holidays, instead of regular paper boxes, use these to double the gift-giving!

To get you started, here are 10 acrylic trays + boxes that caught our eye:

Good Vibes Acrylic Box by Tricia McCosh

banana leaves Acrylic Tray by Grace

Straight Geometry City 1 Acrylic Box by Mareike Böhmer

door in the desert Acrylic Tray by Madeline Martinez

Monochrome 01 Acrylic Box by The Old Art Studio

Island Paradise Acrylic Tray by nileshkikuuchise

Modern Scandinavian Multi Colour Color Curve Graphic Acrylic Box by Season of Victory

free mind Acrylic Tray by Marcelo Romero

Abstract Geometric 01 Acrylic Box by The Old Art Studio

Colorful Geometric Pattern Acrylic Tray by Patterns and Textures

In an ongoing effort to support independent artists from around the world, Design Milk is proud to partner with Society6 to offer The Design Milk Dairy, a special collection of Society6 artists’ work curated by Design Milk and our readers. Proceeds from the The Design Milk Dairy help us bring Design Milk to you every day.

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