Saturday Green: A Collaborative Collection of Throws You’ll Love

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Saturday Green: A Collaborative Collection of Throws You’ll Love

Created by a small group of innovative female artists, Saturday Green is a collaborative collection of throw blankets that we think you’ll love as much as you love the weekends. The collection is bold and punchy, full of colors and modern patterns that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else (and we know, we’ve looked).

The collection came about when designer Kelly Harris Smith reached out to In2Green to create blanket samples for the WantedDesign show in 2018. In2Green, a New York-based company, creates apparel and textiles using sustainable materials, including recycled cotton from refiberized t-shirt fabrics and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. After Smith’s blankets were picked up by the Cooper Hewitt, she solidified an official licensing collaboration with In2Green and brought on four talented female artists – Elodie Blanchard, Jill Malek, Susy Pilgrim Waters and Viscaya Wagner – to create the contemporary collection alongside her. Each designer brings a fresh perspective and new inspirations.

Smith, who’s the co-founder of FilzFelt that was acquired by Knoll, Inc. in 2011, designs textiles, interior architecture installations, and furniture. Trained as an architect at Northeastern University, she’s inspired by geometric, urban patterns and textures and translates that into the collection.

Elodie Blanchard is a France-born, Brooklyn-based artist that works at the intersection of fiber art and design. Similar to In2Green, she repurposes the discarded into something new and exciting, whether it be an object, sculpture or environment. She’s inspired by stitched patterns, collages and geometry.

Jill Malek, who creates wallcoverings, rugs and textiles for her design studio, takes inspiration from fluctuations and patterns from natural and urban landscapes. These design cues inform her creativity and she seeks to create a calming impact on interior spaces.

Susy Pilgrim Waters established PilgrimWaters with her husband Keith to design their line of apparel, furniture and textiles. Waters is an award-winning illustrator who’s inspired by collaged mixed media and playing with scale.

Viscaya Wagner, a multidisciplinary artist, designer and curator based in Brooklyn, New York, is interested in the simplicity of form and shape, as well as the exploration of human relationships. In creating her furniture, objects, artworks and spaces, she seeks to imbue warmth and tactility.

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