Sighthound Garments by COAT

The abundance of pumpkin spice everything tells me it’s supposed to be fall right now, but here at Dog Milk East we’re continuing the long, slow march through the tail end of summer (in the 80s this week! In October!). So, as I dream of cooler temperatures and frizz-less hair, these pictures of whippets in turtlenecks by COAT are literally giving me life. If you’re a sighthound owner, though, these snazzy shirts might be just what you’ve been looking for. Designed for the cool-weather needs and the unique bodies of sighthounds (yep, the neck!), COAT’s distinctive sighthound garments are built for movement, warmth, comfort, and sophistication. They’re handmade in Melbourne from a 95/5 Merino wool/Elastane blend that helps regulate body temperature. Check out the collection (which includes classic colors as well as a featured seasonal shade) at COAT.

[sniffed out by our friends at Four & Sons]

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