Silence/Shapes by Filippo Minelli

In 2009, Italian artist Filippo Minelli began his research on silence. This unusual research was sparked by video footage of political demonstrations, and his background study in political science. The result of his research was Silence/Shapes, an examination in silence and beauty.



Silence/Shapes is an ongoing work of art, where he decontextualizes smoke bombs in unusual locations, such as nature and abandoned buildings to give them a physical shape. By doing so, it leaves an open forum for interpretation, whether it be political or religious. By highlighting the beauty of a smoke bomb, it shows how beauty can be found in extremely striking contrasts.



From the artist:

It’s something that manifests itself, something that you can’t explain. Silence and light are always there, especially in the natural or abandoned environments I look for. If you visit them by yourself you realize there is something that contains the landscape, and that thing is silence.






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