Fink House by Ian Moore Architects
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This renovation of Fink House is designed by Ian Moore Architects and located in Sydney, Australia. The home’s previous condition was poor, and the architects had to concoct several techniques to conceal the building’s various unsightly elements. The front door is the only visible original element visible on the interior.

There were two new concepts that were integrated into the original building: a bridge connecting the main bedroom to the children’s bedrooms, and a courtyard and garage built into the living space. Although the sandstone material was maintained, the flooring was replaced with recycled timber, and recycled granite paving the courtyard.

The ridges that hang over the bedroom and hallway are amazing. I really love how just enough light and view seeps through, making the ambiance mysterious. The fact that this was once a rundown residence makes the renovation even more incredible. The custom built entertainment center in the living room is the definition of pulchritude.

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