Nørd by David Fabio Geckeler

Nørd is the resulting work of David Fabio Geckeler, a Berlin-based industrial designer. Geckeler recently completed his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin. His Nørd chair means “nerd” or “geek” in Danish, which he describes as the fundamental character of the chair.

Nørd is made of laminated wood, and completely assembled without metal parts. Focused on the molding process, the backrest and seat are also the joints themselves, connecting the two by stacking them together. Geckeler states:

Every part statically interacts with the other to define a solid structure of laminated shells and parts made out of solid oak wood.

I love the hell out of this design, not only aesthetically, but how this two-piece, functional chair is assembled without any brackets, hinges, or screws. I also like the contrasting rigid and fluent features of the chair which are reflected upon the legs and backrest respectively.

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