Stuck Chair by Oato Design Studio
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Stuck Chair is a minimal design created by Netherlands-based designers Oato Design Studio. The firm was established by Stefan Tervoort and Pim Snijdoodt, both of whom are product designers that bring different aspects of their expertise into the field. The company stands for “one and the other,” which represents a focus on the expression of design and aesthetics, while maintaining a holistic approach to the actual process of design.

The inspiration behind the chair was to take apart all of the basic elements of a chair, and then put them back as if they were simply stuck together. The resulting form is a design that makes every element of the chair have a leading role in the total structure. The designers love the fact that when people closely inspect the chair to look for additional supports, they won’t find any. The chairs are products with oak wood and powder coated steel.

If you’ve ever wondered what a chair would look like stripped of all its unnecessary elements, Stuck Chair is what you would be left with. This is truly a chair design going back to its most original roots. I love the fact that every part of the structure has a purpose, and co-exist to support each other in keeping the design together.

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