SLD Residence by Davidov Architects

SLD Residence is a minimal home located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Davidov Architects. The residence is characterized by a monolithic facade in order to maintain privacy both visually and acoustically. The unadorned mass seen from the frontage is interceded by a solitary concrete column, the only relief afforded to the facade.

The architects manage a balance between mass and depth, creating an abstraction that references the ubiquity of local trends while contrasting the faux period houses. The main corridor is situated on the side of the home in order to further maintain privacy while maximizing natural light.

In order to create a visually expansive space, the architects used the same materials both internally and externally as a way to deliberately drawing the interiors outward. Warmth and detail is brought into the design through the use of smoked European oak floorboards which were used to line the key internal doors and panelling.

Photography by Veeral Patel.

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