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Squarespace for Musicians
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When I was introduced to Squarespace, I understood that their goal was to appeal to artists, designers, photographers and other makers to help them share their portfolios and sell their products in a more beautiful way. Then they infiltrated the foodie world. And now, they’re conquering another type of artists: musicians.

Musicians, just like any other type of artist, have the same need: to share their work with as many people as possible. However, just because it’s not necessarily visual in nature doesn’t mean they don’t need a beautiful website experience to go along with the beautiful music. So Squarespace decided to create a special feature just for musicians, podcasters, and audiophiles: the audio collection, which enables you to upload music directly to your Squarespace site and easily share songs and albums with your fans. It comes complete with a beautiful, integrated player and album art display.

Plus, musicians can also take advantage of the other Squarespace features already available like Commerce (for merch!), Events Calendar (for gigs!), Contact Form and Mailing List (for fans!), and Social Media integration (for telling everyone and their mom!). I’m glad that Squarespace didn’t leave out musicians—we all love and listen to music, so why not also have a beautiful experience while doing so?

Here are a few musicians using Squarespace—check out their sites and have a listen… you might discover some new music in the process:






The Airplane Boys


Oleska Lozowchuk


The Box Tiger

Wanna check it out for yourself? Try out Squarespace for free for 14 days right here.

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