Sell Your Work With Squarespace Commerce

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If you took our advice earlier this year, you’ve set up a brand new portfolio website or blog with Squarespace. But like mosts artists and designers, you’ve probably got some self-produced pieces, prints, or even swag like t-shirts to sell. Instead of opening up a shop on an entirely different website where you pay a fee to list per product and they take a giant cut of your profit or limit the number of products you can sell, shouldn’t you be able to sell your products right on your own website? We think so!

Enter Squarespace Commerce.

I can tell you from experience that setting up a shop on a website isn’t easy – there are usually special software that requires an expert to code, or various plugins to get everything working right, constant updating of software (which means that things constantly break). But Squarespace Commerce is built right into the Squarespace platform and therefore, every single template comes with the commerce feature. All you need to do is click the dollar sign icon in your Website Manager to start selling. Yup, easy peasy.

You can sell whatever you want: digital or physical and there are unlimited SKUs, and even set up coupon codes. They’ve even integrated taxes so you don’t have to worry about that either. You can easily customize the look using the LayoutEngine and link to your shop from anywhere on your site.

Devlin & Co Squarespace demo

Squarespace Commerce pricing is straightforward. It’s included in their Business Plan, which costs $24/month (yearly) or $30/month (month-to-month) and is available for U.S. residents only at this time. Their integrated payment processing partner, Stripe, charges a simple and transparent fee of $0.30 + 2.9% for every successful transaction. Printable packing slips help you get the order fulfilled, integrate your customers into MailChimp to keep them notified, export orders to CSV, and even hire someone to help you manage the store (and just the store!) with a special store manager account level.

Anchor Division’s shop

Some of you might already have a shop elsewhere, but Squarespace thought of that, too. You can import your inventory from other online shops. I’m pretty sure this is the coolest development from Squarespace yet.

But don’t take my word for it – you can test Squarespace Commerce for free for 14 days right here.

P.S. Did you see that Swissmiss swapped desks with Jesse from Squarespace a few weeks ago? Such a fun idea!

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