Try On A New Website in the New Year with Squarespace

01.14.13 | By
Try On A New Website in the New Year with Squarespace

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I don’t know when it’s time to stop talking about the “new year” but it’s still January, so I think I’m safe. New year, new you, right? Why not a new digital “you”, too? Your internet presence is quickly becoming the most important way to put your best foot forward in terms of business, networking and social interaction. Just think of it as the web version of a crisp, new suit or a pair of shined shoes. A pre-interview. As a designer or artist in any industry, your online portfolio is critical – it needs to be solid, comprehensive, and also constantly updated. Plus, it should reflect who you are as a designer (i.e., it should be pretty).

Squarespace knows you work all day, maybe as a designer or maybe doing something else, and at the end of the day, you don’t have time to spend learning code and don’t have thousands of bucks to fork over to a web designer. But you still need that nice, new suit to present to potential clients or to help grow your business and, let’s face it – you can’t be showing bloggers an outdated website from 2009 with no new work on there. How will I – er – I mean they blog about all the new, amazing things you’re doing?!

That’s why they have tons of starter templates available that are beautiful enough that you don’t even have to customize them, except, maybe put your name on it! However, you can click on any template and check out tons of other Squarespace designer sites and portfolios that use that same template to get a better idea of what could be. The new internet you.

Love these Avenue template examples above. Why not try on a few new templates from Squarespace to see which one “suits” the new you? Afterall, you can do it for free. Test run all of the possible site designs on for free for 14 days right here.

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