Stand-Up Bottle Opener by Benjamin Kicic

Stand-Up Bottle Opener is a minimal design created by New York-based designer Benjamin Kicic for Good Thing. With its opening mechanism neatly hidden under its machined base, the designer wanted to encourage the user to interact with the compact and minimal object.


The design of this opener was several months in the making. Benjamin was looking to design a bottle opener that was completely inconspicuous when not in use, to create an object that sits on a kitchen or desktop, and is seemingly completely foreign until the first time it’s picked up and used.

The bottle opener is made by CNC machining from a solid block of aluminum and then anodized in either clear or black. Because of this, the object has a satisfying feel and weight, creating a pleasant tactile experience. The manufacturing process is the same as that of an Apple Mac body, creating an interesting parallel that evokes a feeling of futurism and high tech, contrasted by the simple function and act of opening a bottle.







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