Standard Collection by Knauf and Brown
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Standard Collection is a series of minimalist designs created by Vancouver-based designers Knauf and Brown. The firm consists of D Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown, originally friends before forming their influential partnership. The duo’s strength spawns from their unnatural obsession with studying the spaces and objects that surround life.


In a time where automation and routine are to be expected from a design, Knauf and Brown made a deliberate decision to go against the grain by creating Standard Collection. As one performs a habitual activity on a constant basis, the activity becomes mindless – like flipping a switch or turning a key. This passive interaction prevents the user from establishing a connection with the object.

The name Standard Collection derives from the usage of “standard” describing manual rather than the automatic option. A standard transmission requires the driver to frequently interact with the car, and provides greater control as well as a more defined connection between man and machine. The designers feel that this relationship, although subtle, can be a powerful influence in hopefully persuading the user to not only maintain the objects, but prevent him/her from throwing them away or replacing them.


The Standard Floor Coaster (above photos) – small mobile side table and storage unit


The Standard Vanity Mirror – tabletop vanity mirror that engages the user





The Standard Table Lamp – a lamp with no on or off switch






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