The Best of ICFF 2019 (Including Our Milk Stand!)

Another #NYCxDESIGN week has come and passed and we’re still taking in all the cool new products and designs we saw at ICFF 2019. After scouring each and every row, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces from this massive show that we think you should know about.

But first, we have to give a special shoutout to our Milk Stand popup shop! You might have noticed the eye-catching, topographical design of our booth as you passed by. It was designed by Michael Yarinsky, an architect and interior designer based in Brooklyn. An experiment long in development, Michael Yarinsky Studio has been trying to find novel ways to soften the hard edges of architecture in form, material, and use of space. In this experiment, Michael wrote code to simulate the behavior and form of a rumpled bedlinen. This height field is then expressed in topographical drawing and physical relief giving the feeling of a monumental scale. The drawings are expressed in a field of dense fine lines and from a distance have the feeling of soft shading. The reliefs in plywood make the drawings tangible and tactile.

This year the Milk Stand housed our 15 independent designers + makers who came from all over to showcase their latest collections.

beroep|tech’s modern jewelry collection comprises easy-to-wear, everyday pieces.

Bethanie Kaye’s hand-crafted spoons, bowls, and candlestick holders highlight the beauty of the wood grain.

Graf Lantz debuted new cushions and his colorful felt coasters add a pop of color to any table.

Harlem Heirloom showcased their candle collection made with intoxicating scents of santal, fig, leather, and more.

KARU’s textiles and clothing are all thoughtfully designed with that artisanal touch that makes each piece so special.

Kevin Wilcoxson Studio experiments with colors, glazes, and clay forms in his ceramics collection of bowls and cups.

KONZUK debuted her new Household collection of concrete vessels inspired by her Orbis jewelry collection.

KROFT makes functional and minimalist home accessories that are designed to make your life a little easier.

LACE by Jenny Wu’s new modern wedding jewelry collection is simply dazzlingly.

LUPA and MGG Studio collaborated on an earring design inspired by Katrina’s handbag collection.

SSEN’s line of handwoven textiles are unique because they’re made with naturally dyed fibers, creating colors that can’t be easily replicated.

TRIPTYCH designs statement-making, architecturally-inspired shoes that are sure to steal second glances from passerbyes.

WAIWAI uses discarded leather scraps and gives them a second life with her leather jewelry collection.

Wood&Faulk’s new leather bags and home accessories are made to be used instead of babied so that, over time, the natural patina develops to highlight the beauty of the leather.

And now, onto our favorite finds from the aisles of ICFF 2019! They include…

…the “On and On” chair designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Emeco.

…the Poltrona Tela, a modern straw chair by Wentz Design.

…the clean lines of Paik Sun Kim’s Aboutwater bathroom fixtures for Fantini.

Eny Lee Parker’s organic and sculptural lamps.

James Dieter’s stunning Cross chandelier.

…this Light Lights made with yupo paper and LED lights by Seonhee Sunny Kim at the Cranbrook Academy of Art 3D Design Department’s booth.

…the grain of Victor Wilken’s Sine Chair.

…these Pillar Lamps (above) and Heart Lamps by Färg & Blanche.

…the Pebble Collection designed by Michael Yarinsky Studio in collaboration with Rosie Li Studio.

Rick Tegelaar’s Colback Printed Panel on behalf of the Dutch Design Foundation.

…the biophilic design in the workplace at the Scandinavian Spaces booth with partners Blå Station, Materia, and Nordgröna.

…this Acau Chair designed by Sergio J Matos inspired by reefs in the sea.

…this stack of Tip Ton chairs designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Vitra.

…the natural forms, textures, and colors of the Disforma vases by Konsepta.

WoOL Amsterdam’s wool panels that add texture to a space while also dampening the acoustics.

…every single piece at Bend Goods, especially that terrazzo side table!

Souda’s new Bluff Side Chairs and Riff Rug (which we’ve also featured here!)

…the modern office furniture + accessories at Most Modest.

…these dangerously beautiful Heart vases by Ted Muehling and manufactured by Wiener Silber Manufactur.

…these double-sided glass Cresent Vessels by SkLO Studio.

Molo’s maze-like booth that featured their paper furniture and fixtures.

Avram Rusu Studio’s debut of the Muse Duo chandelier.

…all the different decorative bath fixtures by Watermark Designs that are all made in Brooklyn.

…these bespoke tiles by Tajimi Custom Tiles.

Stille’s debut of contemporary, everyday furniture, designed by Standard Issue Design (featured on DM here!)

…and finally, the Partisan’s Gweilo collection of lighting that transforms light itself.

As the Lifestyle editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She's probably sharing what she finds over on Instagram stories. You can also find her at