The Contrasting ATUS Collection Merges Rocks With Wood

02.24.22 | By
The Contrasting ATUS Collection Merges Rocks With Wood

ATUS Collection is a minimal furniture collection created by Miami-based designer Bea Pernia in collaboration with Arca. The pieces are characterized by a merger of contrasting materials to create stunning structured assemblages. The collection consists of four custom made pieces: a chair, end table, round table, and desk.

Due to the uniqueness of each rock, each piece is one-of-a-kind, blurring boundaries between sculpture and functional design. The marbles, which are sourced from a quarry in Portugal, were mixed with other elemental materials with the purpose of bringing nature into any space.

Pernia states for the collection: “I’m very inspired by natural materials, especially when you start combining them. I like to play with a fine line of juxtaposition that makes things work. All types of stone, porcelain, marble, fabrics, metal, a lot of different types of woods.”

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