The Jan Tarasin-Inspired TNR Collection Creates Its Own Language

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The Jan Tarasin-Inspired TNR Collection Creates Its Own Language
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Lighting designer Pani Jurek leans on forms created in calligraphy, bold colors, top quality materials, and perfected craft techniques to create the TNR collection. The paintings and graphics of Jan Tarasin where the starting point for the series, and ultimately an homage to his art. Whereas Tarasin simplified and reduced to create a system of abstract signs, Magda Jurek reverses the process and turns ideograms back into things.

Jurek says:

Looking for the form of an object, placing things in the space or building the relation between them, is all “visual thinking” to me. I am also a painter by education and picture thinker. I believe we all are. Furnishing the apartment or setting the table, more or less consciously, means that everyday we are creating an infinite number of compositions, that all refer to our sense of harmony and proportion.

The TNR collection includes five side tables, four types of mirrors, and ceramic lighting fixtures – every piece one-of-a-kind. The furniture is made in collaboration with Square Drip, handcrafted in sold ash wood with traditional cabinet making techniques before being wood stained and covered in natural wax.

The TNR collection is available for purchase at

Photography by PION Studio.

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