The Minimalist Poisson Blanc Chalet by _naturehumaine

04.23.20 | By
The Minimalist Poisson Blanc Chalet by _naturehumaine

Poisson Blanc is a minimalist residence located in Laurentides, Canada, designed by _naturehumaine. The overall design of the chalet was informed by the topography of which the project would be anchored against. The sloping terrain is surrounded by natural beauty, and an abundance of snow in the winter.

The architects wanted to reduce the footprint on the site by creating a compact and geometrically simple design. The result is a square plan that is topped with a symmetrical gabled roof. From within, the roof, supported by exposed joists, creates vertical depth.

The cross-section nature of the roof was also inspired by the name of the nearby lake, recalling the skeleton of a fish as well as its immaculate color. The architects optimized the space by creating compact spaces and grouping services together.

Photography by Raphaël Thibodeau.

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