Thinking Man’s Chair by Jasper Morrison

Thinking Man’s Chair is a minimal lounge chair created by London-based designer Jasper Morrison for Cappellini, relaunched in a limited edition of 25 pieces with a hot-dip zinc-galvanized finish for twentytwentyone exclusively. Twentytwentyone is celebrating 25 years with the release of a series of unique products and limited edition pieces.

Now in its namesake year, twentytwentyone’s anniversary celebrates with Jasper Morrison, one of their first collaborators back in 1996. Returning to the conversation initiated many years ago, the consideration of producing the Thinking Man’s Chair in zinc-galvanized metal was back on the table.

As described by Tony Cunningham of twentytwentyone, “The Thinking Man’s Chair represents the enduring value of Jasper Morrison’s work. Whilst apparently simple and spare, it is in fact complex in design, and difficult to make. The now iconic profile involves 22 component parts fusing flat and round elements of differing radii. It represents quiet modernism, with individual flair.”

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