This Confectionary Office Is the Stuff of Willy Wonka’s Dreams

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This Confectionary Office Is the Stuff of Willy Wonka’s Dreams

If the eccentric proprietor of the Wonka Chocolate Factory had a headquarters like this, he’d probably think twice about handing over the keys to little Charlie. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group (IFG), the new Ritter Sport Schokozentrale (which translates to Chocolate Central) in Waldenbuch, Germany, is an exemplary model of what an inspiring, joyful, and innovative office in the sweets industry – or any industry, for that matter – should look like. The variety of environments and featured experiential rooms cultivate a creative and collaborative environment that makes the office feel more like play than work, a sentiment Willy Wonka himself would surely approve of.

chocolate tasting room with orange tiles

Without leaning overly saccharine yet still capitalizing on the inevitable fun of operating a chocolates business, IFG integrated the unmistakable graphic element of a chocolate bar into the office design using brown square tiles. This tiling can be found in the Schokowerkstatt / Chocolate and Cocoa Workshop, where employees can create and taste their own flavorful concoctions, and the Chocolate Café. Because good design is never a coincidence, the square also refers to the shape in the Ritter Sport trademark logo.

Modern office break area with a communal table, vibrant colors, and greenery.

Interior of a modern seating area with the ritter sport logo displayed on the wall.

Modern chocolate workshop interior with colorful ingredients on display and vibrant design elements.

Modern office lounge area with vibrant yellow wall and geometric ceiling design.

In the Marktplatz / Marketplace, the heart of the office, the ceiling lights also repeat the motif of squares. The space is outfitted with a kitchen counter, alcoves, a mobile bar table, and stadium seating to support large meetings and events.

Modern office break area with colorful interior design, featuring a communal table, kitchenette, and seating nook.

Ritter Sport’s bright and colorful candy packaging served as inspiration for color drenching the various conference rooms, alcoves, and furnishings.

a chocolate bar suspended in the air against a yellow corrugated background with a green edge visible at the top.

A modern office space featuring a green wall with a mounted flat-screen tv, intersected by a bold yellow beam, accompanied by a wooden desk and pink accent lighting.

A single wall lamp casts a warm glow on a textured green wall beside a blue-framed nook with a yellow stool.

Modern office lounge area with vibrant yellow seating and lush green plants.

While the office doesn’t house a chocolate river like Wonka’s factory, it does have an Ideas Garden, complete with cacao pod pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. The semi-enclosed space is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a calming, biophilic environment where creativity and ideas can sprout. A Sensory room also allows visitors to experience the sensorial elements of chocolate without visual distraction.

cacao pod pendant lamps

Modern office interior with colorful ceiling and a doorway labeled "sensorik.

Aligning with Ritter Sport’s commitment to sustainable design, IFG chose to only use eco-friendly materials that are low in pollutants and emissions, from wall paint to carpet tiles to office furnishings like desks, chairs, lights, curtains, plants, and planters. These materials can be recycled or biodegrade back into the earth at the end-of-life cycle.

Modern office space featuring the ritter sport brand with vibrant interior colors, workstations, and an informal meeting area.

Modern office space with colorful glass partitions and collaborative areas.

Since completion, the office has received a gold certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.), garnered a winning Red Dot Design award, and won a 2023 Best of Year Award for “Corporate Office: Large” from Interior Design.

People practicing yoga in a modern studio with a pink accent wall.

Modern interior with round pendant lights and glass partitions overlooking a staircase.

Modern office lobby with vibrant color scheme and contemporary design.

Modern interior with geometric shadows and green chairs.

Modern office interior featuring a staircase with color accents and a glass-walled meeting room with green lighting and the word "marktplatz" on the door.

Photography by Philip Kottlorz.

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