Tips + Tricks From Parachute Home Founder Ariel Kaye’s New Home Design Book

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Tips + Tricks From Parachute Home Founder Ariel Kaye’s New Home Design Book
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When it comes to creating a cozy home, Ariel Kaye knows one or two things about the matter. As founder of Parachute Home, she has helped consumers instantly refresh their spaces with her company’s collection of fresh linens, soft throws, luxe towels, and other home accessories. Her latest project takes it a step further to help you create the kind of home you’ve always wanted. How to Make a House a Home is Ariel’s first book and one you should check out (especially now at a time when our homes are working extra hard for us!).

How to Make a House a Home is more than just a coffee table book. Unlike other design guides that might make your home feel “less than” because it doesn’t have all the right accessories or perfectly styled bookshelf, this one focuses on creating functional but mindful spaces that fill you with feelings of happiness, security, and authenticity. With this book, you’re not setting out to design a space for the next magazine cover; you’re creating a space that works for you, with your own style and your home’s own unique layout, using Ariel’s tips about color palettes, texture layering, organization, and ambience. As someone who has overseen the design of many spaces, from homes to retail to hospitality, and has created the products to achieve those designs, Ariel is definitely someone you can tap on for expertise around home design.

We caught up with Ariel to give you some insider details about her new book, learn how she has adjusted her home to meet her current needs while under quarantine, and get her favorite picks from our Design Milk Shop:

Without giving too much of your book away, what are 3 quick tips you have for someone who wants to make their home a little bit more homey?

Embrace layers: Get creative and experiment layering multiple light sources, different textured fabrics, and a variety of decorative elements.

Rugs everywhere: Rugs are a great way to define space and warm things up. Your feet will thank you.

Feed your senses: Daily rituals and routines within the home are nurturing and allow your home to support you. Open your windows first thing in the morning, light a candle or palo santo when transitioning from day to night, and a bowl of fresh citrus on the counter can make a huge difference.

On that flip side of that, what’s one mistake you think people make when trying to refresh their space?

One common mistake (and I’ve made it too) is getting carried away by the trend “of the moment” or incorporating too many trends in one space. I make sure I give myself some time before making any key purchases to ensure it is really the right fit.

With the shelter in place mandates all around the country, the home has become a multi-functional space, even more so than before. What kind of changes have you incorporated to your own home so that it functions in all the ways you need it to work for your family?

Our homes are working on overdrive right now. I live in a rather small house with my husband and 16-month-old baby and we all have different needs. More than ever it’s important that each space is functional and can serve multiple purposes depending on the time of day. My dining table is also my desk – and come evening it’s important that I can transition that space back for family dinner. So I’ve set up space in my closet for all my work necessities to be stashed away. My bedroom is the only place I have privacy so I’ve added more pillows to my bed to make sure I can support my back during calls and video conferences. It’s a big adjustment and we’re making it work!

What are some Design Milk Shop items you would want to have in your own home right now?

One of the silver linings of being home is that I am enjoying cooking for my family. We have been getting produce boxes from farmers twice a week and using countertop space to hold fruits and veggies. I loved the ribbed edges on this bowl and would be happy to see it in my kitchen.

This puzzle would be great entertainment while at home. I love a good puzzle.

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