Toho Apartment Renovation by Yusaku Matsuoka Architects and Associates

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Toho Apartment Renovation by Yusaku Matsuoka Architects and Associates
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Toho Apartment Renovation is a minimalist space located in Fukuoka, Japan, designed by Yusaku Matsuoka Architects and Associates. The project is a full renovation of an apartment built in 1978 with a beautiful view of one of the Fukuoka sights, Ohori Park. The water surface in the park reflects various expressions throughout the day, and the architects wanted full utilization of this scenic view.


Track lighting, which was purposefully formed in a slant-wise manner in order to create the perception of a more expansive space, is situated in the living and dining room spaces. In addition, special sheeting on the ceiling as well as various sizes and types of metallic panels on the walls were made with reflective materials, providing expansionary views within the space.

The kitchen was designed to be open and user-friendly while keeping with the clean aesthetic seen throughout the house. Bookshelves were created along the upper portion of the corridor to not only allow for additional storage, but to bring color and character into the space as well. The interior is finished with glass for easy cleaning, and for ensuring expansive views.







Photography by Yousuke Harigane / TechniStaff.

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