Tom Betthauser

Tom Betthauser’s exhibition When Worlds Collide at San Francisco’s Peanut Gallery closed in January. Betthauser is a soon-to-be graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. His paintings are packed with smushed up buildings and crowded cityscapes, worlds of chaos and congestion.

Here is an excerpt from the show, which was reviewed on Art Practical:

The particular point of view that Betthauser employs in his recent drawings and paintings, known as isometric perspective, is an indispensable tool for architects and engineers. Drawn from the safety of an eagle’s eye view, Betthauser’s precise work so closely mimics architectural illustrations that he is beginning to find himself in demand even outside the fine arts world. Borrowing from their visual repertoire, Betthauser’s drawings propose a critical distance from which to observe a scene with scientifically objective neutrality.

Thanks, Warren!