TRAME Continues To Revolutionize Traditional Design With Personalized Technology

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TRAME Continues To Revolutionize Traditional Design With Personalized Technology

TRAME – a studio whose practice combines art, design, technology, and craft – was at it again at ICFF this year where they unveiled Martin Grasser’s customizable collection of mirrors, entitled Portraits, as part of the studio’s Craft Nouveau collection. The innovative mirrored glass works seamlessly to unite traditional craftsmanship with generative algorithms. Each is inspired by a name, word, or phrase that Grasser translates through code, which ultimately determines the piece’s arrangement of shapes and colors responsible for developing a personal narrative. This medium, paired with technology, results in art that simultaneously engages viewers with all of its qualities: text, form, color, and reflection.

“Our goal is to invite everyone into the process of creating generative art and design, and to spark curiosity about the techniques we use. We hope participants will leave with a deeper appreciation for the beauty of our colored mirrors and how they have been created through text,” Grasser shares.

Lucky ICFF attendees were invited to be co-creators, exploring and interacting with the algorithm to design a customized mirror telling their own story. The goal of the interactive experience was to demonstrate TRAME’s Generative Interiors concept, taking typical ideas of design and turning them on their heads for a future that’s far more personalized.

TRAME’s proprietary concept, in collaboration with Art Blocks Engine, was first revealed earlier this year in Paris to prepare the platform for working with generative artists moving forward. ICFF was the next logical step toward integrating the influences of traditional and technologically-driven design into the residential, contract, and hospitality landscapes. Other noteworthy work includes the ENLACE chair shown in new colorways below.

“Participating in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is a significant milestone for TRAME. It underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and showcasing the transformative power of ‘Generative Interiors’ in shaping the future of living environments,” says Ismail Tazi, founder of TRAME.

Three woven chairs with wooden frames, featuring colorful seat and backrest patterns in blue, yellow, and multicolored designs.

Enlace Chairs

Three chairs with curved backs and woven seats in yellow, blue, and multicolored patterns arranged in a semicircle on a plain background.

Enlace Chairs

Three wooden chairs with colorful woven seats with backs arranged against a dark background.

Enlace Chairs

Three wooden chairs with colorful woven seats and backrests are arranged in a row on a gray floor with a dark background.

Enlace Chairs

To learn more about Martin Grasser’s customizable mirrors and new colorways of ENLACE Chairs, visit

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